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Astigmatism Explained: Doctor Of Eye

Astigmatism is a condition that causes blurry vision due to the irregular shape of the clear front covering of the eye or the cornea. In some cases, it’s due to the lens inside the eye being curved. If your lens or cornea is irregularly shaped, light will not be able to properly focus on your […]

Dance for Lupus Ontario

On March 7th, 2015, Mrs. Honey Agar (founder of Lupus Ontario), and Dr. Roy Agar hosted Dr. Gavin Bastiampillai and his wife at the annual dinner dance for Lupus Ontario.  The theme of the night was Mombo Italiano, featuring an amateur dance competition and silent auction for fundraising for Lupus research.  Mrs. Agar was a […]

Why Are Eye Exams Important for Diabetic Patients

The number of patients being diagnosed with diabetes is escalating worldwide every day. Consequently, diabetic patients are at a risk of suffering from diabetes associated eye problems, which has a potential of making the patients to lose their eye sight. The most common eyes disease associated with diabetes is Retinopathy, which has been identified as […]

Pan Am Games 2015

Dr. Gavin Bastiampillai and Associates believe in being an integral part of our Kreon community.  When Toronto hosted the cheap nba jerseys Pan Am cheap nfl jerseys Games Dr. in the summer of  2015 from July 10-26, Dr. wholesale jerseys Gavin volunteered his time Islands giving free Remix eye exams to the athletes, trainers and […]

When do you prescribe contact lenses for children?

Historically optometrists do not prescribe contact lenses (CL) to children until they are least twelve years old. Children represent one of the fastest growing segments of the contact lens wearing population. Infants through adolescents can be successfully fit with CL. We will take a look at some medical and ocular conditions and also cosmetic indications where […]

Dr. Roy Agar’s 50th anniversary

Dr. Roy Agar’s 50th anniversary In July, 2015 we celebrated Dr. Roy Agar’s 50th anniversary of practicing Optometry.  He graduated from post the University of Waterloo in 1965.  He American was the founding optometrist at wholesale jerseys this location since 1981.  He had mentored and cared for numerous Poland patients in the community, including Dr. […]