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How Does The Eye Doctor Dilate Pupils?

Eye dilation is a term that means opening your pupils with special drops. The eye drops make the pupils larger so the eye doctor can better view the internal structure at the back of your eye. It usually takes around 20 minutes for the drops to start working, but the effects are temporary and wear […]

Seeing an Eye Doctor For Autism Spectrum Disorder

Autism Spectrum Disorder, or ASD, is a range of neurobiological disorders that make it difficult for patients to process and respond to information from the senses. There are different types of ASD and autistic children often have different symptoms, needs and challenges. People with ASD can have difficulties with social interaction and communication, but the […]

When should you see an optometrist?

Choosing an eye doctor¬†is a critical healthcare decision as the eye doctor is in charge of your precious sense of sight. Though eye care is critical, few people understand the differences between the various eye care professionals who practice this field. As a result, they may not know when to see an optometrist or an […]

Treatment of Blepharitis

Treatment of blepharitis   Blepharitis is an eye condition caused by a bacterial infection that makes the eyelid become red and swollen. It is typically a chronic condition that affects one or both eyes and can develop at any age but not contagious. There are three types of blepharitis. They include anterior blepharitis, posterior blepharitis […]

Artificial tears and factors contributing to Dry Eye Syndrome

Dry eyes and artificial tears Dry eye syndrome is a condition that affects millions upon millions of people across the globe. The fact that it goes mostly undiagnosed and therefore untreated means that many people suffer discomfort and unknowingly risk permanent eye damage from this condition. Tears are essential to the lubrication and nourishment of […]

Eye exams: why are they important for seniors?

Why Eye exams are specially important for senior patients If you’re over sixty, you don’t need anybody to tell you that you’re body is undergoing a great number of changes. Still, many seniors in Scarborough, Ontario seem to neglect their eyes, even though many eye conditions are age related. To this end, what we want […]

Vision Loss: Causes and Symptoms

Blindness refers to a loss of vision that is not rectifiable by the use of glasses or contact lenses. Vision loss falls into two categories: Partial and Complete. This may occur suddenly, without warning, or over a period of time. In the United States of America, persons whose vision while wearing contact lenses or glasses […]

5 signs you might need to see an optometrist in scarborough

Ideally, scheduling regular appointments with an optometrist is a good way to ensure that you maintain your eye health. However, in some cases you may need to have more than just the normal eye check up appointments. Over the course of the year, your vision may change and you begin to experience some signs and […]

What you should know about eye exams for kids

Comprehensive eye exams for kids are critical as they enable early detection and treatment of vision problems. Kids with unresolved eye conditions face many challenges in life including social and academic problems. When vision problems are detected early, children are more responsive to treatment unlike when they have grown up. During the first 6 months, […]

Glaucoma – eye tests

It’s very important to check your eyes regularly for eye related problems, including glaucoma. Many people don’t realize they actually have glaucoma because this disease usually damages the outer edge of their eye, while working slowly inwards. Most people only realize they have a problem when the disease has spread very near to the center […]